Is Telepathy Real For Science?

Is Telepathy Real

Is telepathy real? Well, most of scientists would tell us NO, are you crazy? But wait … because lately a scientific research started to prove some things that seemed to be impossible a few years ago. In this post we will give you a complete guide on how does science see telepathy nowadays.

To better analyze this issue according to science we will separate the views in two broad categories. On the one hand we have the official scientific information and on the other we have the studies that help to constantly feed the question: is telepathy real?

To begin this post we will give an overview of what it means science and parapsychology.


First, we need to consider that science is the study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. And the scientific method is the way that science has to ask and answer questions. Basically this method is about:

  1. Make a question.
  2. Do some background research.
  3. Costruct a hypothesis for that question.
  4. Conduct an experiment in order to test that hypothesis.
  5. Analyze data and draw conclusions.
  6. Report results.

Unlike people, conventional science has no beliefs. It bases all his conclusions on evidence.


It is a pseudoscience that studies the paranormal. These include:

  •  Clairvoyance
  • Precognition
  • Telekinesis
  • Spiritualism
  • Poltergeist
  • Extracorporeal experiences
  • Extrasensoreal perception
  • And of course, telepathy

It is considered a pseudoscience because it does not follow the scientific method of science itself. Yet there are chairs in the Edimburgh University and programs at Duke University to study parapsychology.

Now that we’ve clarified the concepts of science and parapsychology we can better explain the most important information gathered in recent times and try to answer our question, is telepathy real?

Controversial cases

A scientist named Dr. Rupert Sheldrake introduced an experiment in the BA Festival of Science in Norwich where he used four people that had to make phone calls to each other again and again, trying to guess who was calling before answering the phone. Then he measured the results and found that 45 % of people guessed.

An experiment led by JB Rhine was conducted at the University of Duke. It involved a special deck of 25 cards (each card could be one of four different figures). The participants had to guess the figures of the cards in the deck before viewing. As a result, among the 2400 participants 489 correct answers were recorded.

Then we have the case of Jim twins published by the BBC. Although they were separated at birth, they made very similar life decisions. They were against all odds.

  • Both were named Jim by their adoptive parents.
  • Both spent some time as sheriff ‘s deputies.
  • Both married twice. First it was with a woman named Linda and then with a woman called Betty.
  • One named his son Allen, the other named his son Alan. Very similar names.
  • Both had a dog named Toy.
  • They liked the same beer.
  • They liked the same cigarettes.
  • Both drove a Chevrolet.

After this information, is telepathy real? Well, some believers might say yes and some skeptics might say no… We still have to analyze some things.

Telepathy and Metaphysics

Metaphysics, that try to clarify the fundamental notions by which people understand the world, should be considered valid or not? The answer is controversial. Beyond this, it is clear that by this branch of knowledge, the question “is real telepathy?” is answered with a yes.

¿So how does this branch of knowledge explains that telepathy is real?

According to the universal principle illustrated in a book named Kybalion telepathy is possible because everything vibrates (with varying frequency), everything rises and everything can be received by people. As defined EVELYTHING thoughts are also included…

So far we have seen some explanations and cases that could lead to the existence of telepathy, but the problem is that none of them had followed a clear scientific method with reproducible results in a completely controlled environment. So, we still need a complete answer for our question, is telepathy real?

Official Information

According to official information the communication of ideas or thoughts by means other than by the known senses does not exist. For conventional science telepathy has always been a subject of science fiction and films. While it’s true that throughout history there were several frauds and deceptions, there were also studies done by the scientific method that didn’t show enough evidence that telepathy is real.

But while science has not reached a positive response, it never stopped investigating the issue. Fortunately there are those who never lose hope and last year conducted a study that reformulated the paradigm for the question is telepathy real?

Recent study

In 2014 a well-known research took place in the University of Barcelona. It allowed people in India transmit psychological signals to others in France. In order to perform the experiment mental signals of people in India were collected with an electronic device called Electroencephalagraph, and then sent via internet to France. In France, other people received the signals with another electronic device called Trans Cranial Magnetic simulator.

It is true that electronic devices were needed to perform the experiment, and it was not carried out naturally. But even for those who deny everything this means a breakthrough in the knowledge of human capabilities. As well as one day the telephone or television were invented and changed the world forever, this could have the same impact.

Is telepathy real? Still a way to go…

While much progress is being made in response to the question “is telepathy real?” the world still needs further research to develop more and more the idea of ​​telepathy. There are no limits to the applications that this phenomenon could have. It is only a matter of time for mobile phones to be replaced someday by more fluid and instantaneous communications. This also leads to the question, are we ready to connect with all thoughts of outsiders?

Is telepathy real? We’d love to continue the discussion with you…

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