Is Telepathy Real On Animals?

Is Telepathy Real On Animals?

Have you ever asked yourself, “is telepathy real on animals?” Have you ever felt that you could communicate telepathically with your dog or your cat? Well, in this post we will talk about it…

First, we will make a division between domestic animals and wild animals. In addition we will analyze how they communicate with each other and with people. This will help us to answer the question, is telepathy real on animals?

Domestic animals

These are those who were trained by the man to take three possible roles:

  • Be a working animal.
  • Be a source of food.
  • Be a pet.

Often these become dependent on humans and lose their ability to survive in the wild. Think for example of a dog in the forest. Chances are it will not survive long on its own.

Some examples of domestic animals are: dog, cat, cattle, sheep, domestic pig, chicken, donkey, horse, domestic rabbit, lab rat, domestic canary, gayal, bali cattle, ringneck dove, ferret, alpaca, llama, domestic pigeon, water buffalo, zebu, domestic goat.

There are also animals that are semi-domestic. These have no significant differences with the wild-type animals, and in many cases develop a degree of dependence on humans. This is due to an extensive interaction with people. Here we find: asian elephant, bee, elk, ball python, corn snake, freen iguana, adax, mandarin duck, among others.

Then there are the wild animals. We will talk about them next.

Wild animals

These animals are those who were not domesticated and live in a separate natural environment from man.

Some examples of wild animals are: lion, wolf, giraffe, dolphin, eagle, falcon, leopard, red panda, hippopotamus, tiger, great white shark, among others. Just you think and you will find more examples.

So, is telepathy real on animals? well, before we will see how animals communicate with themselves and with humans.

Communicaton between animals

Animals communicate in different ways: dogs bark and wag their tails, cats meow… Like humans, animals use the senses of smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste to receive messages, and the sound, tactile, optical and chemical fields to emit.

Messages emitted by animals are called signals. For example, some types of monkeys and birds emit acoustic signals that can be received by the hearing. This is how some toads emit sounds to attract females. Some butterflies use the optical field with their designs and colors in the wings to attract females and ward off potential enemies. When a dog is angry it can growl and show its teeth, communicating with visual and auditory warning that it’s dissatisfied or angry with any situation, animal or person.

Ok, but .. is telepathy real on animals? we will continue with that now…

Both wild and domestic animals are used to communicate naturally with each other. Now, let’s analyze how they communicate with people.

Communicaton between animals and humans

In addition to the already known 5 senses that animals have to communicate, many people believe they also have a sixth sense. This one allows them to perceive things beyond human capabilities. We’ll talk about it soon.

Now that we have these concepts clear we will find out the answer to our question, is real telepathy on animals? To analyze this we will ask two questions, “is telepathy real between animals?” And “is telepathy real between animals and humans?”

Is telepathy real between animals?

If the so-called “sixth sense” is one that makes the animals can perceive more than humans, we see no reason why they cannot communicate with each other. Both the sender (animal) and receiver (animal) would have the same ability. That is, they both would be more capable than humans.

So the question we should ask is, do animals really have a sixth sense?

Sixth sense on animals

We said that many owners of pets like dogs and cats ensure that they have a sixth sense. Let’s see some examples.

Some British researchers did an experiment in 2014. They found that there are animals that can see ultraviolet light, something completely invisible to humans.

There is a cat named Oscar which, people say, predicted more than 25 deaths. How did the cat do it? Experts say that this cat could perceive a particular substance produced by people who were on the verge of death.

There are also cases of wild animals that predict natural disasters. According to villagers in Bang Koey, Thailand, the December 26, 2004, some buffalos were grazing by the beach, when they suddenly turned and stumped up the hill. Luckily the villagers did the same and saved their lives.

Then, if it is real that animals have more developed senses than people, is telepathy real between animals and people?

Telepathy between animals and people

Some Cambridge scientists argue that we have only seen the beginning of telepathy in animals. They found that 50 % of dogs can anticipate the arrival of a family member. In order to make this observation, pet owners came to their homes by different means of transport, and many at different times. Even so, in half of the cases the animals recognized their owners, even at very far distances.

The scientists also showed that some dogs and cats show signs of distress at the death of their owners. And there are 32 cases of owners who, though a long distance, knew that their pet was dead or dying.

In addition, there are countless cases of people who say that their own pets know when the owner is not well, and give him unusual support.

So, is telepathy real on animals?

Even though we are still analyzing the abilities of the animals, we don’t know their full potential yet. It is proven that their perception is not equal to that of humans, and we can still learn a lot from them. In the last years we are seeing things that seemed impossible years ago, some domestic animals showed real telepathic signals. And there are people who claim to have maintained a telepathic connection with wild animals too. Hopefully we will know soon if they are telling the truth.

So, is telepathy real on animals?  What do you think? We’d love to continue the discussion…

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