Telepathy Test On 5-Year-Old Boy

Telepathy Test

Ramses Sanguino is an autistic, very intelligent 5-year-old boy, and his mother believes that he can do telepathy. In order to prove so, she made a telepathy test on camera with his son.

Ramses mother considers that he is a savant, a rare individual who is extremely intelligent. She says that since he was 2 years old, he always preferred reading more than playing with toys as normal kids. He can understand 7 or 8 languages nowadays. She also says that he has a really mind to mind connection with her.

The Telepathy Test

In the video that you are about to see, a mind expert who heard about this kid makes a telepathy test with Ramses and his mother. The boy has to say the number of the card that his mother is holding and seeing. As a result, he hits 3 over 5 cards. Unlike the odds he succeeds in 60% of cases. For science, this means that he gives signs of a real mind connection with his mother on the telepath test.

Although some people may say that this telepathy test was not enough to prove the existence of telepathy, it certainly gives rise to doubt.

After seeing this tell us, what do you think about it? Is telepathy real? Read More >>

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